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Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Malcolm Bornmann, and I am an alumnus of Drexel University's B.S. Game Design & Production / M.S. Digital Media accelerated degree program, where I graduated magna cum laude in June 2022. I am the co-founder of the Drexel Motion Capture Club, a former President of the Drexel Theme Park Engineering & Design Group, and have had projects exhibited at both SIGGRAPH and IAAPA. As someone who finds purpose in bringing stories to life through interdisciplinary collaboration, I've enjoyed working with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Animax Designs, and Walt Disney & Pixar Games, contributing to multi-millionaire-dollar projects with brands ranging from Nintendo to Mickey & Friends and disciplines ranging from engineers to marketing aficionados to executive leadership.


I am trained in game, animation, performance capture, virtual production, and immersive media pipelines and their various applications in entertainment, educational, retail, medical, and research fields, inclusive of themed entertainment venues such as museums and theme parks. I can both manage these pipelines as well as contribute to them, creating assets of all kinds. I additionally have professional, educational, and personal training in designing for accessibility, inclusivity, and safety and know how to adhere to brand guidelines, marketing initiatives, and business goals, all while working under the constraints of time, money, and human capital.


With an upbringing in the performing arts (musical theatre, marching band, honors choir), I am accustomed to working in high-pressure situations and am comfortable with public speaking. My experiences in the arts sparked a curiosity for cultural awareness at an early age, which has been reinforced through international travel as well as working with multicultural teams across a variety of time zones, influencing me to approach projects with a sensitivity towards ensuring authentic representation in the work and that all voices are heard within group dynamics.


Overall, I am a motivated, disciplined, and empathetic people-person who strives to do their best while helpings others do their best. I am always welcoming to new ideas and would love to continue the conversation if I am deemed a fit for your team!

Thank you for reading my bio, please feel free to explore the rest of my website!

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