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I'm an alumnus of Drexel University's B.S. Game Design & Production / M.S. Digital Media accelerated degree program, where I graduated magna cum laude in June 2022. I am the co-founder of the Drexel Motion Capture Club, a former President of the Drexel Theme Park Engineering & Design Group, and a contributing member of the ASTM F24 AR/VR Task Group. Additionally, I have had projects exhibited at both SIGGRAPH and IAAPA and have worked with interdisciplinary teams on low-budget projects as well as multi-millionaire dollar theme park and video game projects that feature world-renowned IP.

As a result of my upbringing in the performing arts, my generalist educational background, and my internship experiences at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Animax Designs, and Walt Disney & Pixar Games, I've learned how to be adaptable in high-pressure situations, knowing how to both manage pipelines as well as contribute to them, whether that be in a creative, production, or business-based role. I'm trained in game, animation, performance capture, virtual production, and immersive media pipelines and have explored their various applications in entertainment, educational, retail, medical, and research fields, inclusive of themed entertainment venues such as museums and theme parks. I find purpose in bringing stories to life through the application of these pipelines in collaborative settings.

Brands That I Have Worked With:


Master's Thesis

Selected Theme Park Projects

Selected Video Game Projects

Selected Performing Arts Projects


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